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Spacious Amazing Library

The College has a fully computerized library, under the expert leadership of Mrs. Samuel, a well-experienced librarian.

Electronics and Telecommunication Department

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2001 with an intake of 60 students in view of the competence of the infrastructure of the department. 


Electronics and Telecommunications

Information and Technology

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

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Through Sports, Arts, Community Service, Leadership and other Special Interests

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We’re an engineering college that offers various disciplines to our engineering students. We also help our students to gain the skills and hands-on experiences they need to develop successful careers in engineering, both locally and abroad.

Marian Engineering College offers a variety of engineering-inspired programs to promote leadership importance, participation in a global environment, and hands-on experience in a multitude of organizations.

We provide all the resources and tools that our students need to jumpstart their engineering careers. We also boast of a network of people who assist our engineering students to enter the professional world and branch out in their chosen engineering fields.

Our mission is to teach our students various engineering skills they need to gain employment in the real world.

Our vision is to create working solutions to common problems. We focus on helping our students be the solutions the world needs to solve its multitude of problems.

Athletics and Recreation

Intramural Clubs and Esports

The intramural program provides members with opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive leagues and tournaments! 

Varsity Athletics

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Our President and Dean

Welcome to Marian Engineering College, where machines meet brains! Greetings to all continuing and new students!

Once you are here, we guarantee you all the comfort and highest educational standards. We equip you with engineering knowledge that would help you grow and achieve success and perhaps can be of good use to all humanity and the world.

Engr. Robert N. Kellie


Academic Calendar

Monday, Oct 5

World Teacher’s Day Celebration

Thursday, Oct 19

Dementia Awareness Program

Friday, Oct 26

Mentorship Program – Open Application Period

Student Scholarships


At Marian Engineering College, we offer various scholarships to support our needy students through their college years. We also reward students for exemplary work they’ve done and continue to do.

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