Co-Curricular Activities That Great for Engineering Students

Life as an engineering student is not all about books. Engineering is a challenging course that requires a balanced lifestyle to maintain the students’ status quo.

What you do when out of class determines your level of concentration. There is a reason why there is the sports department, student welfare departments, and other supporting partners to ensure a student’s complete lifestyle. As you join the first year, part of the orientation process is to take you through everything the university offers, both academic and non-academic. It is upon you to choose what suits you best. Ideally, you can’t be in all departments; you will compromise your time in class.

Factors to consider when choosing your non-academic activity of choice:

  • Your passion for the bustle
  • Your interest in it
  • Availability of college resources and equipment to support the hassle
  • Amount of time you need to dedicate to the events
  • Is it in line with your principles?
  • Does it require any personal financial resources?

Whatever the choice of activity, you must ensure that you have all the time to attend your classes. Engineering is a practical subject that requires your physical attendance. Anything that will make you stay away from class in the name of attending functions is not worth your time. Therefore, make a wise choice; the student affairs office is always available to help you choose this.

Why should engineering students engage in co-curricular activities?

  • Have a balanced school life
  • Promotes physical fitness
  • Enhances their cognitive development
  • Helps to maintain a healthy and reliable social support system
  • Creates rapport with other students
  • Improves one’s mood
  • Helps students t relax their mind after a hard day in class
  • Provides a peaceful environment away from the books

 What are co-curricular activities relevant to an Engineering college?

Anything that takes you away from books within the institution is termed as a co-curricular activity. Some may be academic, while others are non-academic. They are activities away from your academic calendar, and you don’t get penalized for not doing them. You can choose not to engage in any but, how will you have a balanced school life?

 Here are a few of them available in most colleges

  1. Sport activities

Sport is an everyday activity in most colleges. It’s one way you get rid of excess energy associated with the youth. Some colleges take it upon themselves to promote it by providing some stipends to the college team, primarily when representing the school. You can engage in several activities in precisely engineering students need to be skeptical if not picky on the kind of sport to participate in. They need to choose a sport that enhances their cognitive development as well as support their physical performance. Ping pong suits this definition. Therefore the administration should invest in BPPTR to encourage more students to take part in it. Foosball also has a similar advantage for the students who love the physically intensive indoor game. If you have no idea about the foosball equipment, then visit

  1. Music festivals

The students who love music can make fair use of the music equipment in the school. Music instruments come in handy, boost the brain function, and make you relax your body and mind. Moreover, it gives you self-confidence and focus level, which is essential for your emotional development. Music also promotes social skills. You learn to work in harmony with the rest of the students to benefit from your success in the engineering course. Remember, engineering electronics is all about harmonious relationship with the circuits, receptors, and capacitors. One advantage of music members is that it takes less of your time, and the competition is seasonal, giving you all the time to concentrate on your books for that excellent grade you need.

  1. Drama festivals

Who said engineers couldn’t be creative artists? That’s a talent you shouldn’t suppress whatsoever. They need to have a different lifestyle altogether. They need no to be full participants to engage in this; they can also take part as spectators, the humor, and the laughter that comes with it. The students have relaxed their body and mind, ready to face yet another harsh engineering lesson. It’s never that serious all the time.

  1. Engineering fair- Science congress

When looking for something in line with what the students read them, it’s time to showcase their engineering skills through an engineering fair. If you want to know that the tertiary institutions have top-notch talent, try and attend the engineering fairs. When a student takes his time to make an appliance to sort life challenges using the engineering knowledge, that gives the same benefits as sports.

  1. Religious retreats

It’s time for the religious students to give them time to connect with the supreme being they believe in.

That helps them to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with an engineering course. It helps them to forget the underlying challenges and use religious paths to find life-bearing.

Remember, they also have personal issues that they also need to handle besides the books. Many of them also help to give them quality student life.

  1. Non-profit volunteering activities

What of other non-profit volunteering activities that help to touch a life? As long as it takes you away from books, then you get to benefit from the advantage of co curricula activities. Some of the things they can do include:

  • Community clean up
  • Visiting a children’s home
  • Taking part in charity work
  • Awareness of current situations

Are you an engineering student stuck in what to do with the extra time? If that defines you, then this is an article for you. Please get to know what interests you and go for it without thinking twice. Could you do your best in it? Make sure you put your books first and let this be like your side hassle.

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