About Us

Marian Engineering College is a tertiary institution with a focus on offering engineering course majors. We’re home to over 30,000 students. And, our vibrant campus is ranked among the top engineering colleges in the country.

We’ve also been featured on top sites, atop being situated in one of the best American cities to live in. With the library’s quiet solitude, our bustling lecture halls, the beautiful local weather, and a casual atmosphere at the college campus, there’s something for everyone.

At the Marian Engineering College, you’ll find the most innovative activities and resources in our community and the entire world. Participation in various innovative programs and activities deeply enriches our students’ academic pursuits.

We also provide various facilities and amenities to help students thrive. This is because we understand the essence of striking a balance between physical and mental health in attaining and maintaining general wellness.

Engineering Opportunities

Marian Engineering College offers a variety of engineering-inspired programs to promote leadership importance, participation in a global environment and hands-on experience in a multitude of organizations.

International Experiences

Engineering is a field that’s increasingly becoming global, hence the need for students to begin their international experiences early. We help our students travel abroad and experience intercultural learning, something that’s bound to last a lifetime.

We offer international learning opportunities for experiences like no other.

Student Organizations & Activities

Students have access to various diverse activities that strengthen cooperation and teamwork. Ranging from BLUElab to U-M Solar Car Team to Mars Rover, our students get opportunities to showcase their distinct engineering talents.

We also provide DEI-related programs and groups, including engineering clubs and activities for new learning opportunities.

Resources for Career Development

We provide all the resources and tools that our students need to jumpstart their engineering careers. We also boast of a network of people who assist our engineering students to enter the professional world and branch out in their chosen engineering fields.

Health & Wellness

Marian Engineering College provides the resources you need to thrive as a student. This is because we understand the essence of physical and mental health in the academic achievement of students

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