Meet our Dean Engr. Robert N. Kellie

Robert N. Kellie is a household name in the engineering world.

With a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and Bachelors in Automotive Engineering, you are sure of first-class engagement when it comes to knowledge and information concerning machines.

As an administrator, he holds a Diploma in Strategic Management, which explains why you have a state of the college’s art operations.

 He is s humble and approachable man who uses dialogue, logic, and reasoning in his administration. His interaction with students formally and informally is the brain behind the many projects you see on the ground. He can’t do all these in his own right. He has a strong team that believes in him and fully supports him, including the student community.

During the five years of Robert’s work at the college, there has been tremendous improvement, especially in ICT integration in college operations and the curriculum.

 As he says, “I want you to Leave Marian Engineering College and got to Japan and fit within a minute.

 That means he wants the courses to be international recognizable”.

Work Experience

He has worked in various firm in different capacities this include


  • Head of Department Mechanics at Dannel College of Engineering, where he pioneered Aviation, among other projects. At the college, he spearheaded a team that visited China for a student exchange program which still stands to date.


  • Assistant Dean at Lakewood College of Engineering, where he designed a work student policy. It is a clear indication of a strong personality who believes in things being done despite the circumstances.


  • Dean of Engineering Studies at Jersey School of Engineering.


All his achievement can’t be documented for his indirect and direct impact to society is immeasurable.


But to mention but a few under his leadership, he has been able to achieve the following:

  • Spearheaded a student delegation to the United Nations Students Conference in Science and emerged the best tutor.
  • Won an Engineering Award at the International University Fair in 2015 in Geneva.
  • Won an award as the Head of Department of the Year while in Dannol College of Engineering
  • Managed to design a student-work policy document at Marion Engineering College, introducing students to the management circles.


If you haven’t met Robert N. Kellie at the campus streets, you are new.

He is a hands-on person who participates in both college curriculum and co-curricular activities to show his solidarity and support to his students. That has made him reduce the gap between students and tutors as well as tutors and managers.

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