International Studies

Engineering solutions span the globe, meaning modern engineers should feel confident working in an international marketplace. Our students secure a successful future through “global competency” they develop in school.

Marian Engineering College is committed to encouraging our students to get an international experience before graduating. With our Global Programs in Engineering, students are able to travel abroad and experience intercultural learning they’re bound to remember in a lifetime.

An extension to our Engineering Honors Program is known as the Engineering Global Leadership (EGL) specialization. Students access this unique opportunity to integrate engineering into an international business environment.

Students who partake the specialization study beyond our Engineering Honors Program to earn a Masters in a specific discipline in engineering.

During college, many students opt to work or study abroad, at least once. Student exposure to various perspectives shape their interactions and work in the future.


Our engineering programs are sustainable. But, this isn’t just in the sense of being green. We identify an existing need or opportunity, and develop a system that solves the problem, atop being adaptable, sustainable, and maintainable in the long-run.

We’re committed to innovative problem-solving and sustainable energy use to prepare our students for a brighter future. And, engineers specifically play a major role in the success of this field that continues to grow.

With M-HEAL, BLUElab, and the Program in Sustainable Engineering (PISE), our students are able to give back to the community without losing focus on future generations.


Launching a new business is more than just entrepreneurship. At Marian Engineering College, entrepreneurship is about instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in students. This encourages them to take risks, explore and learn from their mistakes or failures)

Our Engineering College is a pioneer force in the entrepreneurialism world. We encourage students to explore startup accelerators that continue to expand, including the Center for Entrepreneurship. This helps students learn important skills they need to integrate business expertise and engineering innovations.

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